Welcome to my new website!

From here you will be able to access stock music that I have created and contact me for production music requests.

Please take the time to have a look at my AUDIO JUNGLE portfolio for quality music for your media!

  1. Ana Strauss says:

    Hi Benji, just a quick note to say we love your work! We’ve bought many of your songs to our travelog webseries. Keep doing this awesome job 😉

  2. Mayk says:

    Hey Benji! I love your music and your voice, and I’d like to know: do your music have copyright (so can I put your music in youtube videos, for example)? And the songs you’ve done with Pinkzebra too? Thanks, and sorry if my english is bad 😀

  3. FABIO SANTOS says:

    Parabéns!!! pela musica “days like these” TOP!TOP!TOP! SUCESSO!!!

  4. Imran says:

    Hey benji…greetings from Pakistan….

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