BENJI JACKSON MUSIC strives to create high quality audio for your productions. Specialising in production stock music,  TV jingles and radio jingles, Benji Jackson has what it takes to add the right soundtrack to your media.

Benji Jackson is an experienced writer, vocalist, guitarist and bass player. WIth state of the art technology, a creative mind and a passion for music, he can create the music you need – and fast!

Examples of his wide range of genres of stock music can be reviewed on audiojungle.com   New tracks can be custom made, or existing tracks edited to suit your project.

  1. Barbara Hamper says:

    Love your vocals on Larger Than Life and I left a comment on the Audio Jungle site. Are you on LinkedIn? We should really connect!

  2. Chris says:

    I love your song ‘Larger Than Life.’ I bought it for the third time today for a new project.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Benji,
    could you please remove my lasty name in my post from just ago.
    I prefer not to be found by google.

  4. Daniele says:

    Just find out your “Join The Song” featured in MAGIX photostory 2015 commercial, I had to email MAGIX for telling me the song name and they linked me the audiojungle site 🙂 Hope you’re gonna put your song on iTunes(for all the world since I’m from Italy) 😉

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